The Israeli Pavilion at London Design Biennale 2021, designed and curated by a collective of architects and students at Tel Aviv University

The 3rd edition of the London Design Biennale will take place from June 1-27 2021 at Somerset House, London with over 50 participating countries and territories. As one of the most prominent design exhibitions in the world, visitors from around the world are expected to visit and engage with this exhibition physically and digitally.








Established in 2016 by Sir John Sorrell CBE and Ben Evans CBE, London Design Biennale promotes international collaboration and the global role of design. The 2018 Biennale welcomed the world’s most exciting and ambitious designers, innovators and cultural bodies to the capital. The third edition of London Design Biennale will take place from 1-27 June 2021, curated by Artistic Director Es Devlin.


Taking over the entirety of Somerset House, including the Edmond J. Safra Fountain Court and River Terrace, participants will respond to the theme, Resonance, which considers the ripple effect of ground-breaking design concepts on the way we live, and the choices we make. More Information about our pavillion can be seen in the following link.

About the Installation

The Boiler Room draws inspiration from the observation that while in the past decades the world has undoubtedly moved towards globalisation, in recent years we have witnessed a re-emergence of efforts to isolate nations and to "reignite" this sense of national pride.

Our society is currently undergoing two contradicting and yet in some ways, overlapping processes: Capsularisation and Networking (De Cauter). The very same entities that promote globalisation (networking) are those which ironically amplify nationalism (capsules), thus stimulating a resonating, everlasting tension.











The recent pandemic and the implications it had on each and every one of us serve as a reminder to the relevance of both of these phenomena. With the Israeli boiler switch serving as a visual reference for everyday life, our design addresses the various scales in which these political processes can be translated into a sensory experience.

The Boiler Room is an interactive space of self-exploration which visualises these processes and the networks they form and suggests that any imbalance between the two may lead us to a boiling point.



This is where you come into the picture:

We are hoping to reach a wide range of individuals who are interested in pledging their support and promoting a group of young designers. We want to make use of the tools we have at hand - architecture and design - to raise awareness of global and local issues on an international scale.

Who we are


The design team comprises of seven architects and students from the Faculty of Architecture at Tel Aviv University.  Lior Kantor, Roi Levin, Noa Karmi, Barak Weizman, Lealla Solomon, Oren Elgali, Osher Lapid.


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Our Sponsors: The David Azrieli School of Architecture | Tel Aviv University, Nisko Group LTD, Yashar Architects, LABS STAY, The Stanley and Marion Family Charitable Fund, Minesoft, America-Israel Cultural Foundation, Design Terminal Bat-Yam