Frequently asked questions

Who Are You?

We are a collective of seven architects and students for both B.arch and M.arch at the Faculty of Architecture at Tel Aviv University. During a time of political and social turmoil, both in our country and internationally, we wanted to respond to the current climate by means of design and Architecture. Thank you for supporting us! Lior Kantor, Noa Karmi, Lealla Solomon, Osher Lapid, Roi Levin, Barak Weizman,Oren Elgali.

How do I choose a hasthtag?

You are welcome to either 1. Select a topic you care about from our database, which contains hashtags found on social media over the last year. 2. Choose a topic you wish to bring up to awareness and fill it in the box during purchase. However you choose, we will make sure to display it in the installation.

Why does this cost money?

In order to make this installation happen, we need your support. All of the money collected through the site will be put solely towards making this design come to life. This may include materials, assembly, transport, participation fees and other expenses related to the exhibition. It is a dream we've been working on for two years to take past in the Biennale as the Israeli representatives, one that has been elluding us ever since the pandemic and its implications. One of these, is our limited funding status. ​With people from all over the world on our side at this upcoming event, we would be much closer to achieve our goal and bring life to this visually innovative and conceptually awakening project.

What will I get out of it?

Several things! 1. You will know that you have taken part in a worldwide discussion and invited visitors from all over the world to respond to the topic you selected. 2. You will have supported a group of aspiring young designers, keen on representing their local design scene at this international scale

How many can I buy?

As many as you like!